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It’s fun.  It’s personal .  It’s something they take home with them.  It connects them to you, memorably, forever.

With a ONEbyONE Community Portraityou not only CELEBRATE them being a part of your community, but you REWARD them with a souvenir of that associationa captivating portrait of themselves which whenever they see it, will forever CONNECT them back to YOU.

My unique process explained in 4 simple steps.

1. The Photoshoot Experience

Artist Tom Styrkowicz has the ability to almost instantly size up his subject and capture their personality in a fun, engaging portrait, most times with his very first shot! His portable location studiois set up in a very visible space so those waiting can watch what essentially becomes a performance. They cheer, respond and applaud the ones before, and are encouraged to create their own memorable pose when its their turn.

2. Receiving the Printed Photo

No delayed gratification. People are often surprised that they get a large 8 1/2 x 11 print almost immediately. It’s theirs to take home with them! (To protect the print it gets put in a folder that is printed with information about the event or its sponsor.) The quality of the photo makes this a treasured keepsake.

3. Installation on the Community Wall

THIS is the real magic of the ONE by ONE Community Portrait™ experience. A second print is added to a large wall containing ALL the portraits made at the event. The wall becomes a focal point. People stop by to watch it “grow.” They look to see if their friends’ photos are on the wall. They take selfies of themselves next to their photo on the wall.

4. Community Bonding

Its on the wall where people realize that they are part of your community. Their photo could be next to the CEO or keynote speaker, but because they too are on the wall with all the other participants, the print that they carry home leaves them with the lasting feeling that they belongto your community.


About Tom Styrkowicz

The creator of this concept, as well as the photographer, is Tom Styrkowicz. Tom’s background is widely varied; marketing and innovation consultant and speaker, event producer, brand creator and designer, photographer. He calls this “the 9th chapter of his life.” Discovering that he had a talent for quickly sizing up his photography subjects he challenged himself by setting up the first event as “500 Portraits in 5 days.”

He was excited by the quality of the portraits, but he was even more delighted by people’s reactions to the “community portrait wall” that was part of the event. He saw that this took photography to a whole other level. These were no longer just photos of people, but by linking them together on the “community portrait wall” they became a validation, a celebration, of what connected these people all together. People ask if he gets tired photographing so many people. He answers that he doesn’t, because everyone brings new energy to the event. And that energy gets multiplied further by the performance nature of these experiences. People waiting in line watch those ahead of them. They cheer them on, and get inspired themselves, to make their own photos more memorable. And at the center of all this is Tom, orchestrating it all.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the photos always have to be black & white, on a white background?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

For the individual prints and the “community portrait wall” we have found that this combination puts a clean emphasis on the individual person. Black & white neutralizes any bright or garish colors and places the emphasis on peoples’ personality rather than their clothes. However, for additional usage, the images can also be provided to the event sponsor in color.

Can we use our own photographer?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

We believe that Tom Styrkowicz has a rare ability to immediately size up each person’s personality, and get them to express themselves in an interesting, fun way. (He gets 80% of the photos in one shot!) It’s not likely that any other photographer could get these kinds of results with so many people in such a short amount of time.

How many people does it take to run the event?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

We provide Tom  (photographer), a technical director, and 1 or 2 assistants, depending on the complexity of the event. The event sponsor might want to provide additional people to assist with information gathering and crowd control.

How many people can get photographed during an event?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

The most Tom has photographed so far is 1246 people over a 3 day event. Usually the number is between 600 and 800 over 3 days.

Can people get more prints?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

No. Each photo is considered a limited edition. People are given a folder explaining that there are only two prints. One for them, and one for the community portrait wall. The event organizer may also make available web resolution images that can be downloaded.

What exactly happens during the experience?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

We set up the ‘portable location studio’ in a well-trafficked area. People sign up by filling out a photo release. Tom then does their portrait, encouraging them to be expressive about themselves. Immediately we send the chosen image to a high speed printer and print out two images. They are both embossed with the logo of the event. The guest gets one, and a second is posted on a ‘community portrait’ wall.

How long does the event last?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

It can be a one day, two day or three day experience, 4 hours each day. It can also be customized to suit your event.

Who is the photographer?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

The photographer is Tom Styrkowicz. Tom has a remarkable gift of revealing someone’s personality in an instant. Most times he gets the incredible portrait in the first shot. That’s why this event works. He is key to the event because there are not many photographers who can capture a person’s essence as quickly as Tom, and do it for 600-1200 people in 3 days!

What does something like this cost?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

It’s hard to give a blanket estimate because there are many variables that affect the cost, like location of the event, length of time (it can be a 1, 2 or 3 day event), whether prints are being made, or if only digital photos are being distributed. Generally, for a full 3 day event, the costs can range from $12,000 to $20,000. The best way to get a firm estimate is to discuss with us the details of your event. We can suggest ways to tailor it to fit your circumstances. Get in touch with us on the contact form below.

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Behind the scenes blog…

Out of the more than 10,000 portraits I’ve made at my events, this one is the standout.

Greensboro History Museum, Fourth of July celebration. Mom brings her 5 kids. When she sees their photo on the monitor she starts crying. She says she hasn’t had a photo of them together since they were little, and now she’s so happy that she has this memory of them.

In 3 days, 1246 people wanted to show me their history.

The Putnam Museum, in Davenport, Iowa, promoted their 150th anniversary ONE by ONE Community Portrait so well that at the usual end time of 4 hours, there was still a 2 hour wait for people who wanted to participate.

Museum uses photos of over 300 of their guests, created during my ONE by ONE Community Portrait event, to populate an entire branding campaign.

The Oakland Museum of California’s Director of Marketing, Mary Beth Smith, saw my ONE by ONE Community Portrait as the ingenious way to collect photos of over 300 of their members and guests, which became the core of their new branding campaign celebrating their 50th Anniversary…I did it for them in 4 hours over 1 evening!

Inventing a new way to use photography that utilized my unique ability

Through a random sequence of conversations I found myself talking to Kimberly Young about a grant that the Nelson-Atkins Museum had received to encourage new and different events at the museum. Little did I realize when I suggested my concept that it would change my career in a radical new direction.

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