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Out of the more than 10,000 portraits I’ve made at my events, this one is the standout.

Greensboro History Museum, Fourth of July celebration. Mom brings her 5 kids. When she sees their photo on the monitor she starts crying. She says she hasn’t had a photo of them together since they were little, and now she’s so happy that she has this memory of them.

In 3 days, 1246 people wanted to show me their history.

The Putnam Museum, in Davenport, Iowa, promoted their 150th anniversary ONE by ONE Community Portrait so well that at the usual end time of 4 hours, there was still a 2 hour wait for people who wanted to participate.

Museum uses photos of over 300 of their guests, created during my ONE by ONE Community Portrait event, to populate an entire branding campaign.

The Oakland Museum of California’s Director of Marketing, Mary Beth Smith, saw my ONE by ONE Community Portrait as the ingenious way to collect photos of over 300 of their members and guests, which became the core of their new branding campaign celebrating their 50th Anniversary…I did it for them in 4 hours over 1 evening!

Inventing a new way to use photography that utilized my unique ability

Through a random sequence of conversations I found myself talking to Kimberly Young about a grant that the Nelson-Atkins Museum had received to encourage new and different events at the museum. Little did I realize when I suggested my concept that it would change my career in a radical new direction.

How other organizations have funded their community portraits

Is funding holding you up? If so, here’s 4 ways museums funded their event. An individual donor The Indiana Historical Society turned to one of their significant door couple, Dorit and Gerald Paul. The Pauls funded a ONE by ONE Community Portrait at the Indiana Historical Society for THREE YEARS RUNNING! They did [...]

Make a ONE by ONE Community Portrait™ experience go farther!

The Oakland Museum of California had the brilliant idea that they could get great images for a new branding campaign (coinciding with their 50th anniversary OMCA@50) if they had us come and do a ONE by ONE Community Portrait™ on one of their “Friday Nights @ OMCA” events. The branding campaign was going to [...]

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