The Oakland Museum of California had the brilliant idea that they could get great images for a new branding campaign (coinciding with their 50th anniversary OMCA@50) if they had us come and do a ONE by ONE Community Portrait™ on one of their “Friday Nights @ OMCA” events. The branding campaign was going to focus on their guests. In just 2 days I provided them with 260 images of 445 people!

Different from our usual events we photographed this one in color to match the Image Design Works proposed campaign.

They did a great job of using TONS of the images to really get the point across about how diverse their museum’s base was. There were street banners.

They used subways posters along the BART line. The station nearest the museum ONLY had OMCA@50 posters in every possible frame.

There was a video.

We were thrilled when we went back to do another ONE by ONE Community Portrait experience at the actual anniversary event. We saw our images EVERYWHERE. This is such a great testament to how compelling our images are.

And a reminder that the images can go much farther than the “community portrait wall.” How else can you leverage the image we create?