Greensboro History Museum, Fourth of July celebration. Mom brings her 5 kids. When she sees their photo on the monitor she starts crying. She says she hasn’t had a photo of them together since they were little, and now she’s so happy that she has this memory of them.

Mom starting to cry upon seeing all her kids in one portrait.

I can do 500-600 photos in a 3 day event, and although each one of them gives me a smile as I see people’s personalities emerge, occasionally something like this will happen and I am reminded of the power of a portrait. Sure, it’s a souvenir of the event, but it’s loaded with so many other memories. I have the ability to quickly read the people and guide them to reveal their feelings for each other. At a different event, after I captured a family of five in one shot the mom said that picture depicted them better than when they spent two hours in a portrait studio.

When I say I can capture 600-800 people in a 3-day event I’m not saying I take their “pictures” (as in a driver’s license “picture”). These are warm, incisive depictions of their lives at this moment, at your event. THAT’S what makes the prints that they take home with them a treasure, and their connection to your event memorable.