so uniquely us

introducing you to a completely different couples photo experience.

celebrate your feelings for each other immortalized in a work of art with you two as the subject.

these aren’t just “pictures” of you. this is artwork that captures the very essence of you as a couple.
created as a collaboration between me and you.





so you might be wondering about some things

how do we get from wanting to do this, to having a finished piece of art?2021-03-24T15:57:31-05:00

meet and greet
   who are you
   who am I
   what do you need to know
   what else do you want me to know
   talk about some words
   setting our date
   we’ll have created our foundation
capture your magic
   you’ll be guided
   you’ll see what we’re getting
   you’ll be able to have input
apply my magic
   I work with the images
   taking the real and adding the dream
   turning it into what you imagined
   turning it into who you are
be amazed
   view the vision that I created
   or maybe a few different versions
   suggest what could make it even better
   say “we love it”
seeing it in your home

gotta ask right up front, if we do this, how much will we be in for?2022-02-11T14:38:05-06:00

Of course this is important. But first let’s quickly talk apples and pomegranates. Let’s say “apples” are “pictures of yourself.” Selfies. Vacation pics. But here I’m talking “pomegranates.” Something special. Out of the ordinary. That’s what this is. You end up with a framed piece of art. The magic is the energy of your relationship that is captured forever.

That’s what, after doing photos for all my life, I have figured out that I am best at. Getting at peoples’ essence. And with this I want people to truly celebrate each other.

At the “be amazed” session I will show you your artwork possibilities, and we will discuss the different sizes for your chosen artwork. Because some people have lots of wall space, and others maybe less, I offer them in any of 3 sizes (16×20, 20×24 or 24×30) for $1195 (framing included). I offer larger sizes too in case you’ve got those 11’ ceilings in your home. There is also an option to purchase other images that you didn’t select for your main artwork. Full payment is made at this session.

There is no “session charge” for the photo session. You are only paying for your final artwork. Payment will be due at the time of selection at the “be amazed” session.

we’re nervous. we are not sure how we want to pose.2021-03-20T10:08:56-05:00

My talent is getting you to feel relaxed, then guiding you through the photo session. It’s a “go with the flow” kind of thing. If you’re a playful couple I’ll encourage that, and then some! If you’re quieter and more low-key, some soft music playing and you’ll forget I’m there, being so focused on each other. I build on your personalities, drawing out what makes you you.

gosh what should we wear?2021-03-24T15:58:16-05:00

Tuxedo and ball gown is always a good place to start. OK, just kidding (unless, of course, that’s YOU). Otherwise I say choose clothes that feel the most “you.” The images are in black and white so color won’t be a factor. And, really, I won’t want you thinking about the clothes and whether you feel right in them. I’d rather you concentrate on each other.

all the examples we see have a word or phrase on them. where does that come from?2021-03-20T10:11:24-05:00

That can be a phrase you use between you. It can be something that comes up in the photo session. It might be a reaction to the final image choice. It could be my impression of you. It can come from anywhere. You have final say over what becomes part of your final artwork.

are the sessions always in your studio?2021-03-20T10:09:39-05:00

This is me, the artist, saying yes, that’s where I can control my magic the best. Black & white on a white background, because I want to focus to be entirely on you.

how long is a session?2021-03-21T16:40:55-05:00

Each sessions builds into a rhythm that is uniquely ours. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes, sometimes it may take an hour. (A tip…bring music that you love.) We’ll know when we have it. And then I might encourage you to try a few more things, maybe to surprise yourselves.

what if we want to incorporate our children or pets?2021-03-20T10:10:14-05:00

What?!?! And take the focus off YOU?!?!? Nope, this is all about you. No thoughts of unruly kids, or yapping dogs. Be honest…when was the last time you focused only on each other? When was that last time you had a photo of just you two, capturing the feelings you have for each other? (You’ll thank me for this!)

Ok, ok, you had such a great time doing this…yes…next week you can bring the kids!

Do the photos always have to be black & white, on a white background?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

For the individual prints and the “community portrait wall” we have found that this combination puts a clean emphasis on the individual person. Black & white neutralizes any bright or garish colors and places the emphasis on peoples’ personality rather than their clothes. However, for additional usage, the images can also be provided to the event sponsor in color.

Can we use our own photographer?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

We believe that Tom Styrkowicz has a rare ability to immediately size up each person’s personality, and get them to express themselves in an interesting, fun way. (He gets 80% of the photos in one shot!) It’s not likely that any other photographer could get these kinds of results with so many people in such a short amount of time.

How many people does it take to run the event?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

We provide Tom  (photographer), a technical director, and 1 or 2 assistants, depending on the complexity of the event. The event sponsor might want to provide additional people to assist with information gathering and crowd control.

How many people can get photographed during an event?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

The most Tom has photographed so far is 1246 people over a 3 day event. Usually the number is between 600 and 800 over 3 days.

Can people get more prints?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

No. Each photo is considered a limited edition. People are given a folder explaining that there are only two prints. One for them, and one for the community portrait wall. The event organizer may also make available web resolution images that can be downloaded.

What exactly happens during the experience?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

We set up the ‘portable location studio’ in a well-trafficked area. People sign up by filling out a photo release. Tom then does their portrait, encouraging them to be expressive about themselves. Immediately we send the chosen image to a high speed printer and print out two images. They are both embossed with the logo of the event. The guest gets one, and a second is posted on a ‘community portrait’ wall.

How long does the event last?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

It can be a one day, two day or three day experience, 4 hours each day. It can also be customized to suit your event.

Who is the photographer?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

The photographer is Tom Styrkowicz. Tom has a remarkable gift of revealing someone’s personality in an instant. Most times he gets the incredible portrait in the first shot. That’s why this event works. He is key to the event because there are not many photographers who can capture a person’s essence as quickly as Tom, and do it for 600-1200 people in 3 days!

What does something like this cost?2023-07-20T17:18:45-05:00

It’s hard to give a blanket estimate because there are many variables that affect the cost, like location of the event, length of time (it can be a 1, 2 or 3 day event), whether prints are being made, or if only digital photos are being distributed. Generally, for a full 3 day event, the costs can range from $12,000 to $20,000. The best way to get a firm estimate is to discuss with us the details of your event. We can suggest ways to tailor it to fit your circumstances. Get in touch with us on the contact form below.

we’re interested. how do we get this started?
Fill in the interest form below. You’ll get back an email with a link to download a PDF with tips for your upcoming session. Things like “here’s how other people posed” and “I want this to be impressive, what size would that be?”
I will get back to you via email to confirm our “meet and greet” get together. There all your questions about your upcoming “capture your magic” session will be answered.

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