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this is the 10th chapter in my life.

I’m Tom Styrkowicz and this is my studio. I started focusing again on photography after the sudden death of my wife in 2005. Before that I did branding work for Victoria’s Secret, Wrangler and Levi’s. Photography was part of it too, doing fashion work for clients like Napier Jewelry and London Fog.

What brought me back to photography exclusively was that I love interacting with people. What I do is connect with people. I don’t take their “picture.” I capture their joy, friendship, love, camaraderie, spirit.

Your work celebrates the human heart and yes, we are all beautiful as captured by 53Tom.
Marsha Dowler. Escape2Create

I have been there: you brought out the strong yet vulnerable in me within a flash moment that no one else could or ever would dare to try. You have a gift that allows a human to perform in a precious, emotionally healing/expressive/whatever way in the moment…you give opportunities for people to engage.
Holly Swangstu

I have been there and it is magical.
S Sloane Simmons

My favorite pictures were taken in that studio! You are truly one of the best!
Annette Pinter

Judging by these and other reactions I’ve been getting, many people feel that too. They’ve expressed that the experience is unique. It comes full circle back to interacting with people. Me with them, them with me. I photograph people like no one else.