weddings, but different

I’ve tried to photograph weddings. Mostly for friends. My experience was usually like this: Mother of the bride asks if I have any OTHER photos of the bride and groom. “I was hoping to find one that matched the photos from my other kids’ weddings”?!?!?!?

Or the time when I was photographing before a wedding and the preacher was right there seeing me take flash photos. But when the ceremony started and everyone started taking flash photos with their phones the preacher interrupted his reading to announce that he had a macular condition, and the flashes disturbed him, so no more flashing, please. UHHH…that seemed to include me, who needed a flash for a very dark room!

I’ve since developed a “documentary” style where I am not the prime photographer, but I am free to room around and capture little intimate, unposed moments. When I gave a friend the photos I had taken at her wedding she started crying. “I don’t remember anything from that day, and these show what a wonderful wedding it was.” 

Couldn’t ask for a better review of my photos. THAT’S how I photograph a wedding. And I am available for my documentary style coverage.

weddings but different

weddings but different